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New Basement - Flooring Options Debate

Hey everyone,
My fraternity's basement is pretty miserable. Recently we've put a lot of effort in to making it a livable place. One of the main problems is the flooring. Right now we have slick ceramic tiles. They are too slippery. It becomes a liability when we ever have people over. A year ago or so, it was someones bright idea to try and add an epoxy layer to the tiles with stuff in it to give the tiles grip. Within weeks of the application (we stayed off of it the appropriate amount of time) it started chipping off and trapping water underneath the layers. So epoxy = bad idea. In addition to being to slippery the tiles make the place look like a giant bathroom.

So now we are looking at other flooring options. People are split right now between getting rubber padding (like in a gym or locker room), and taking out the old tiles and putting in new tiles that aren't slippery.

We are on a tight budget so any installation we would do ourselves. We have a few people who are pretty good handymen so it shouldnt be too burdening.

I am in favor of taking out the old tiles and replacing them. I feel like this is the best longterm solution.

We have 1400 sqft to cover. I would like to get some more opinions from you guys. Do you think that re-tiling the floor is a do-able solution? or do you think that the rubber padding would work? The price difference between the two options isn't that much (as long as we do the installation) so the real question is: Labor and practicality. How difficult will removing, and reinstalling 1500 sq feet of tile? (keeping in mind that we have a lot of people in the house who can help with the labor).
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance,
-Tom H.


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Ya know it wouldn't be slippery if you didn't spill those beverages... Is carpeting out of the question? I'm guessing the rubber would work well because water wouldn't damage it and it wouldn't be slippery but isn't that stuff expensive for 1400 ft (and maybe ugly)? How about a layer sawdust - that's what they use to use in the old west in areas where beverage spilling might occur. LOL


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We used to get used rugs from people
We'd get a rug, throw the worst one out
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Carpet and pad are your least expensive option.

They can be laid right over the tile.

You will need to glue the tack strip down around the perimeter.

"D815" is excellent stuff for that.

In a nutshell, basement slabs tend to have a lot of moisture in them. They can look and feel dry but it is just evaporating off from below the surface of the concrete.

Ceramic allows the moisture to evaporate off at the grout lines. That comment you made about the epoxy coating "trapping water" kind of makes me think you have a decent bit of moisture coming through the slab.

So, back to carpet and pad...
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Have you looked into cork flooring? It's durable, eco friendly, and not too expensive if you're not picky about color and shop around. Lumber Liquidators have nice products at pretty good prices. For better durability, make sure there is a thin layer of cork on the bottom.
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I never went to college but I did visit plenty of times on the weekends. If your house is anything like the ones that I have visited I would choose the rubber floor tiles. They will not get slippery when you spill drinks on them and will hold up well. There is a company around me that installs outdoor rubber basketball/tennis courts so they can handle the liquid well.

For me carpet would be out of the question. Drinks get spilled like you mentioned and the carpet will be trashed. I do know they make a carpet for bars that is stain resistant and also burn resistant but don't know much about it.

Ceramic tile is durable and will handle spills but pretty much any tile that you buy will be slippery when wet.
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A great option is a vinyl product call Karndean. You would need to buy it from a distributor, but give me an email if you would like me to hook you up with someone. It looks like tile or hardwood but is a hard pvc product.


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