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confused 08-23-2006 12:23 PM

Need some transition moulding advice...
Hello. I am going to install the Quick Step Elegance 8mm flooring next month and I'm trying to get the transition moulding detail worked out now. This flooring is 4" wide and comes in random lengths.

I need to transition from the kitchen tile to the flooring. The issue is there is almost a 1" height difference from top of the tile to the top of the subfloor. I planned to use reducer but the reducer verticle height is no where close. Any ideas?

Also, how would a pro transition around tile in front of a fireplace and sliding door?

Many thanks.

J187 08-23-2006 03:46 PM

Maybe that is what you are looking for?

confused 08-23-2006 04:41 PM

It might do for the Kitchen. Still not sure on the sliding door and fireplace tiles though...

Donedat 08-23-2006 09:03 PM

You could get some 3/4" wood to match your laminate, rip it down to 2" or so, rabit it so the laminate will slide under. Use this new material as a boarder around your fireplace. Oh, stain and finish it to match the color of your laminate.

confused 08-24-2006 04:35 PM

That's an idea, might try that.

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