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Need some real help from a real forum:Ditra Question

Ditra Handbook ( p. 24 (download as pdf) says 1/4" x 3/16" or 5/16 x 5/16, or Schluter-Ditra (11/64 x 11/64) trowel is fine.
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Need some real help from a real forum:Ditra Question

Originally Posted by JazMan View Post
Not sure what you read, but John has always said he could use a "well worn" 1/4x1/4 trowel for the job. In any case it's not rocket science, the process is fairly forgiving but you really should follow directions from the manufacturer.

Ditra is going to go down well regardless if you use too much thin set under it. Schulter doesn't want you to negate its uncoupling properties though. Applying too much thin set will tend to do just that.

Can anyone explain why too much thinset under Ditra negates the uncoupling properties? Shouldn't it be set just as strongly in an appropriate amount of thinset as opposed to a little too much thinset? Thanks. I don't see why (I'm not saying I disagree, either) and am curious to know the answer.
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Need some real help from a real forum:Ditra Question

The idea is to bond the fleece backing not fill the cavities from the underside. Too much thin set can also create small humps, plus it's a waste. The correct way is the correct way. Applying more does NOT make it stronger. Have you seen the animation of Ditra's action? ........... Well, I can't find it now but the idea is that the fleece bonds to the floor and the rest of it goes where ever the stresses of the installation dictate. That how it works, it uncouples the subfloor from the tile work.

I have found the 5/16" V (roughly) works well, or the new Ditra trowel which I like. I thought the 1/4x3/16" V didn't leave enough mortar although Schluter still lists it as a recommended trowel. (I still don't see why).

Tile 4 You LLC Troy, MI

DITRA Installs - KERDI Watertight-Mold-Free Showers. I have NEVER made a mistake, I thought I did ONCE, but, I was WRONG! PRODUCT * METHOD * INSTALLATION FAILURE consultation
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