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Need some expert crawlspace advice - moisture and hardwoods (Carolinas)

Hey guys - first post. This is really a crawlspace question but relates directly to hardwood floors - so Mod's please move if this is not the appropriate place for this post.

I'm having difficulty understanding how to attack my crawlspace. I bought a house built in 1973 with a vented crawl and had some new hardwood floors put in (5 inch, white oak). It's been 2 weeks and there is some[span style='font-style: italic;'] slight[/span] cupping to the floors. The installer was good - we tore out most of the subfloor and ran fans in the house to dry out the plywood below... and the wood was let to sit for about 10-14 days after installation and before sanding.

The crawl space is 1600 square feet and has 12 temp-vents (close with a bimetal coil at ~ 40'). I also had new 6 mil poly put down and R19 insulation put between the joists.

I get the sense that the crawl is still somehow getting humidity in it. I bought a wireless thermometer/hygrometer so I can measure - but I am getting conflicting advice on how to keep the crawl-space dry.

Question 1: What should the relative humidity of the air in the crawl be?

Question 2: Since NC is fairly humid, are the vents letting humid air in instead of crawlspace vapor out?

Question 3: What action should I take?
- Should I get some vent-fans to move the air out?
- Should I put a humidifier down there? Seems dumb since it's vented ... basically be dehumidifying the entire county (running non-stop)
- Should I encapsulate the crawlspace?



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Did you lay a vaper barrier under the flooring on top of the plywood.
You say you ran a fan over the plywood before installing the flooring, why, was it already wet?
What is the subflooring, plywood, partical board?


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Yes, there is 30 pound "felt" ... I think it's the same as tar paper ... between OSB and hardwood.

The old flooring in there was carpet over particleboard. Particleboard was ripped out and exposed the plywood - it was damp in places. Ran fans on it for about 2+ weeks and it was dried out pretty good.

If there was any moisture still in the plywood ... I guess it would make its way out and then the boards would lay back down - right?

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