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CatherineMM 08-11-2010 12:45 PM

Need help in deciding: room above garage
We started this project last summer and it's been just *waiting* to be finished! We cut through the house and finished off the room above the garage (it's GREAT space!). It's going to be the bedrooms for 3 small children (5, 3, 1) and a playroom.

There is one area where there is a steel beam in the garage that's a bit uneven, but otherwise the plywood is in great shape.

We've had GREAT luck with Trafficmaster Allure in our basement rec room (with a poly underlayment) and one of the kids' rooms now (that will be converted to a laundry room if we ever get them in their new rooms!).

So, here's my dilemma:

We've priced carpet and know that it's really going to take a beating between the kids, dog, and cats. I should also mention that our dog has had a tendency to have accidents in the house on the carpet and despite steam cleaning, we can never get rid of the smell.

I'm tempted to use the Trafficmaster again for this space. This weekend is tax-free in Mass, we can get it at HD, and do it ourselves a room at a time. Then, we'll just use area rugs for warmth and play areas.

The argument I'm facing from hubby is that the garage is not heated and he feels that the Trafficmaster won't provide enough of an insulation and sound barrier (or as well as carpet with a heavy pad). My argument: One spill of glitter glue or one accident by the dog and we have a disaster that we have to live with for a long time to come.

Clearly, one year later, I need some help in deciding... not to mention that I need to get the youngest out of our bedroom and in his own room!!

Appreciate any feedback,

the1hangingchad 08-15-2010 10:28 AM

I would be more concerned about the laminate if your dog is having accidents - laminate shouldn't get wet and you don't want that sitting there all day until you realize it. Not sure how big your dog is, but that would be a concern of mine.

I used Trafficmaster in my old condo over a concrete slab and never had any issues - even up here in the northeast with cold winters.

CatherineMM 08-15-2010 10:54 AM

Changed minds again!
Thanks for the reply!

We ended up NOT going with the Trafficmaster for the bedrooms. We also live in the Boston suburbs and have had lots of luck with it, but my husband doesn't love it.

So, we spent a little more money and went with a bamboo. I decided that I really don't want one more piece of carpet in the house. We'll put down some area rugs and keep the entrance gated to keep the dog out.

I did get the Trafficmaster Allure for my office though so I can do that one myself...

framerman 08-15-2010 11:45 AM

Just a point to make. If you are converting the space to a bedroom, you might think about getting an inspector out there to have him look at the fire code issues. A garage is big time fire hazard and requires type "x" fire rated sheetrock on the warm surfaces, ie, wall to house or ceiling to upstairs living areas. And also make sure that all your windows meet egress in case of a fire.

Also, I would highly suggest a CO2 detector since when you start your vehicles up in the garage, you are emitting CO2. A sleeping child above is going to get some of it.

Not sure what you have of the above already.

I agree with the husband, you should put some insulation in the floor, but do whatever you can.

Bud Cline 08-15-2010 03:21 PM

Yup, building codes won't always allow one to convert space over a garage to a living space. Better check that out. Not all ceiling structures over garages are suitable for enclosing above and adding living space.:)

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