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Flt_Simulation 03-06-2009 12:21 AM

Nailing down engineered wood planks ?
My contractor over here in the Philippines is getting 2 bids for purchase and installation of 12mm engineered wood flooring planks in the bedrooms of a new house I am having built.

The 1st estimate seems very normal ... It involves laying the engineered wood planks as a "floating floor" with an underlayment pad between the concrete floor and the wood planks.

The 2nd estimate is a lot different ... They want to first put down a layer of 10mm marine grade plywood between the engineered wood planks and the cement floor. Then instead of installing the planks as a floating floor, they would use the "nail down" method to secure the engineered planks to the plywood using "blind nails" that you won't be able to see (somehow nailing in the area of the tongue and groove on the engineered planks)

Question: Does this 2nd estimate seem a little strange to you?


Termite 03-06-2009 08:27 AM

There is floating oak flooring and there is nail-down oak flooring. No way to tell which one they're pricing except for their proposal to nail it down. My suggestion is a nail down floor just because it is nicer than the interlocking floating floors.

I'd suggest getting ahold of the brand names your flooring guys are proposing, and check the manufacturers' recommendations. The last thing you need is a warranty issue down the road.

Meggie929 05-14-2009 04:36 PM

Engineered Wood Planks
I have replied to your other post dated Feb. 14th. On this particular post, what I can say is, considering the thickness of your plank (12mm = 0.47 in), it can actually be stapled down to a plywood subfloor using a special gun with small gauge staples. But there's a chance of breaking the edge of each plank where the staples will be placed. In my opinion, the best way to install your engineered wood plank is to glue it down to your concrete floor. You may use urethane glue.

Talking about floating your planks.... it can be floated only if the planks are designed for floating. Are the tongues wider/bigger? Are the grooves deeper?

I think you will not be able to take advantage of the manufacturer's warranty if you install your floor not according to the manufacturer's specifications.

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