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colomntnboy 09-27-2012 09:13 AM

Musty Smell After Removing VAT Tile
Hello All,

I am somewhat new to posting on this forum but I have been a lurker for quite a while. My question is this... I recently decided to finish half of my unfinished basement. Problem is, the floor was covered (450sf) in VAT Tiles. I removed the 9x9 VAT tile around the perimeter of the room using proper measures (HEPA Mask, Wet Removal, Etc), with very little breakage. The goal behind this was to allow the framing members for the walls a landing strip of sorts that wasn't covered in tile. The black mastic underneath was tested twice and surprisingly, it doesn't contain asbestos.

Once the perimeter tiles were removed I began to notice a semi-strong musty/organic smell to the room. I have opened windows and run fans and the smell dissipates a bit, but once I close the basement back up the smell returns. I live in Colorado, so not necessarily a damp climate. However the air in the basement definitely feels damp. Further the lumber for the framing that was moved down to the basement is also slightly damp to the touch. We have never had problems with the basement being wet and I have never seen visible signs of serious moisture. I even taped 2 mil plastic to the floor in several places to try to detect moisture. Nothing... Does anyone know what could be causing the smell or how to get rid of it? My plan is to lay carpet over the remaining tile once the drywall is finished, but am apprehensive about doing so until I figure out the cause of the smell. Thanks a million for any advice you can provide.

garlicbreath 09-29-2012 07:58 AM

When we pulled up our VAT tile the musty smell was horrendous we also thought that we had a moister problem. We ended up pulling the 1/4" underlayment and once that was pulled up the smell was gone and the dampness feeling was gone. Pulling up the underlayment was torture due to hundreds of nails.

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