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More Konecto Mess and a Warning

I first want to warn everyone to be careful of your choice of words they put on any website. Don't generalize anything datewise. Be exact when you talk to different important involved people and be exact on anything you say. I made the mistake of generalizing and putting down a wrong date which was stupid and sloppy for me to not have it marked on my calendar or doublechecked my thrown out guess. I mistakenly said our installation of was when we were not even in our state. We were visiting another state. If you know about Alaska you have to fly so we have tickets proving we were not even here when I originally generalized our dates. People involved used the generalized date sloppy date I had and were able to get our claim denied.

They said we only used a kitchen rolling pin and then 2 weeks later went to get the 100lb. roller. So improper technique was the reason.
We never hid the fact that the roller was used in conjunction with the pin.

I did not know I would need to have a LEGAL timeline established at the time of originally writing about our situation. I knew we had a lot going on in our lives and with 4 kids most of you can understand that. I even had my little 8 year old niece visitng from oregon for 3 weeks. So we had lots of activity. Plus we have our own business. So I was not as exact as this experience has taught me that I or anyone else should be.

Here is the legally established date of installation. AUGUST 19TH. As I said we were out of state and did not arrive at home until August 5th. Plane tickets are hard to disprove. Plus our mudder and texture guy had just finished his work. Then we painted the walls in our new addition to our home and you will find big paint splatters under the flooring. So after those things plus some weekend travel to a city 3 hours away for orthodontist appts. (that we can legally show we attended) we then got started on our floor. My words were sloppy and general before because I did not anticipate a problem with our flooring. I also did not expect to be doubted with every move we made. When I said we rolled the floor at time of installation you would think instead of them going through all this and trying so hard to disprove they would have just sat down and said lets think about this first and tell us exactly when you installed and rolled. Even though I told them we did it at the same time. They seemed to continually look for loopholes to try to discredit. I have never had this kind of situation before and I did use the 100 pound roller at the same time. I have just been sloppy.

We gave this info. to the independent inspector and now he is in the middle of this big huge unnecessary mess. He is being thrown all sorts of information from people involved.

Like I said I am not psychic and did not know that I should put down everything in legal terminology. I am a trusting person and did not know the tactics they would use. I know better now. A friend said a videotape OF THE INSTALL would have been nice.

I am guilty of being sloppy with choice of words but I did not lie about the timing on the rollers. If we did lie then we would not be afraid to lay the rest of the floor down. We would know it was a rolling issue. It honestly isn't.

So for all that choose DIY Konecto - I am warning VIDEO YOUR INSTALLATIION


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Anyone got any ideas?

Just wondering if anyone has any ideas on how to help prove I was just sloppy with my postings. I did not post a date for installation until Nov. 08. I was pretty stressed by then by the negativity and lack of communication from anyone involved. If you want to hear more - we had two surprising deaths in Oct. 08 and dealt with that trauma too. So on top of it all I had to go and just get exasperated and sloppily throw out some dates. Stupid cuz like I said we were not even in our state yet the whole first week of august and not back in our own state until august 5th. The above post already says that. I was not thinking about the consequences.
I looked for hours and hours last night thinking I might find a picture that my children took. They are teenagers and take photos non stop. But unfortunately there is not anything. Just outside our house pictures on those dates. I also don't have anyone who actually saw the lay down of our first plank. I do have about 9 people who can say the floor was not down at least up to the weekend of August 15 - 17 when I was out of town. So no smoking gun pictures!!

What else might you think of to help? I have been sick and almost throwing up since Thursday because it now looks like I am the liar. I did not lie and I just need to prove it now because of my sloppy posts. Everyone has had helpful posts up to now. I need some good logical ideas to help me get past this........
Some one mentioned once to have it installed in another room and see what happens. How should I go about that? I am not afraid to do that but know it should not be us unless we videotape. Maybe that would not even be good enough...........

If anyone is brave enough to touch this let me know.......

You can private message me too. Thank you.


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If I could only remember to THINK about what I was doing before I did it.
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Originally Posted by Leah Frances View Post
Don't ask. It's an ongoing saga. You can go back and read the other 10 threads that have been started about this if you want but you won't be missing much.
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Unfortunately this horse has died.
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Thread closed.


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