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mold and asbestos

Hello - I'm hoping someone here can help me. I am looking at purchasing a new home. I've had a mold test and the mold inspector (independent/PhD) indicates that although there is no black mold present in the air samples in the basement, he suspect black mold behind drywall in a corner which has substantial moisture, is very soft, and is contaiminated in some areas with a thick, black colored mold.

The air sample in the basement had a total spore count of 4330/cubic meter with basidiospores and cladosporium most dominant. Pen/Asp was normal. He indicated that black mold, although not present in the air sample on this day, tend to stick together in clumps until they are disturbed or become very dry at which point they can become more friable and readily shed into the air.

He recommends, for remediation by a professional, to have the drywall in the room with the "black" mold removed and some panels in other rooms to be removed too to see if there is mold there (as there is signs of water damage/efflorescence in other areas of the basement).

He also suggests removing the linoleum floor tiles and having the concrete floor, walls, and wood subfloor and joists chemically cleaned.

I don't have an issue with having the dryall removed and the mold remediated behind there. I am pretty sure I can get that off the purchase price of the house. However, the linoleum tile removal is the problem. It is the 9x9 tiles that the house inspector (different guy) said is typical for asbestos. Also, these tiles are throughout the basement including in the furnace room.

I realize that with tiles with asbestos you can just carpet over them and as long as they are not disturbed, all is well. However, in my case, that doesn't appear to be a solution.

I've got a good price on the home so far but I'm concerned that this part of it (removal of asbestos) will be extremely costly.

Does anyone have any examples of what they've paid for removal of tiles with asbestos so I can have some idea of what this will cost me? Unfortunately I don't have the measurements of the basement and am out of town so can't measure it. I would of course like to get a quote but time is of the essence here and I don't have much time with the long weekend.

Any advice is greatly appreciated (save for the "forget about this house" advice as my price is pretty good if it's not a huge money pit!).

Thanks for reading my first in a possible long list of future diy posts!



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There's just no way over the net to even guess on this one. Even if someone throw out a price what good would it do?

Pretty common issue to have to deal with. 99% of the time it''s because someone had no clue what the right way to finish a basement and just put the wall up.

There may be more to deal with then just the inside. You have to prevent the moisture from coming in on the outside.


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I understand Joe that it's hard to estimate. Most every room is different and most every tiling job is different. However, this is something that I have no clue on. Therefore, what other people have had done can help me, if they're willing to post it. There are times when I, as a new DIYer, have thought that something would be cheap/expensive and it turns out to be the other way around. Something that I thought would be $3000 or more (for example, what I thought was the cost for replacement of an electric panel) has turned out to be less than $1000 quoted by my licensed electrician including some other work.

BTW, both my home inspector and the mold inspector gave me the same advice on how to minimize moisture from the outside and that is something I can do on my own. However, asbestos removal to me is the wild card in this.
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