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snowydaysrock 01-16-2009 03:08 PM

Moisture meters and radiant concrete slab
Can people in installation tell me what they know about moisture meters? I tested a concrete radiant floor we have with plastic taped down for a full 48 hours and there is not a speck of moisture. Yet the moisture meter reads full moisture. I do not want to install ANY floor until I can figure out what is going on. There was vinyl flooring down and replacing it. No moisture underneath - it is ripped up now.
What do you all think? Is the moisture meter reading the water in the radiant heat and wire mesh? Or is there really invisible moisture underneath.?

Floorwizard 01-16-2009 03:24 PM

You might want to do a calcium test as well. You can get them at a Home Depot or Lowes.

snowydaysrock 01-16-2009 03:34 PM

What is a calcium test?
What is a calcium test? What does it mean?


Mudd 01-16-2009 05:42 PM

Calcium Chloride test is what it means.

Tell us more about the meter you used.

I'm assuming you didn't drill the slab due to the radiant heat. Did you use a cheapo potted plant soil tester or something?

Separately, if you pulled up vinyl and the concrete wasn't damp and the concrete didn't get dark when you taped down the plastic and the radiant heat is on, baking moisture out, it might have been the tester...

Concrete can look and feel dry, but the moisture can be evaporating off from some point below the surface.

Two good types of flooring where there is moisture are carpet and ceramic. Moisture can evaporate off through the carpet and a non-moisture-barrier type of pad (standard rebond). It can also evaporate off from the grout lines on tile.

snowydaysrock 01-20-2009 12:23 AM

Moisture Meter
:wink:Funny - soil tester!

Borrowed from a guy. Brand? Real Tester? :whistling2: Yes

moisture level was full
no visible wetness

Maintenance 6 01-20-2009 12:36 PM

Be sure your tester is the proper one for measuring concrete, or that it is calibrated to the proper scale. What is dry for concrete would be damp for hardwood lumber and soaking wet for drywall. Residual moisture levels vary with the type of material. Concrete is an inherently "wet" material and usually has a high moisture level even when it is relatively dry. I've always used 3'x3' of 6 mil poly taped down for 72 hours as a guide. With radiant heat in the floor, moisture should be a non-issue.

snowydaysrock 01-20-2009 06:41 PM

moisture meter
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was able to get the meter brand and got a pic. from web. (tramex)
plastic taped for 1 week no moisture still
thanx guys

Maintenance 6 01-21-2009 06:33 AM

I use one of those. Good for drywall, wood or plaster. Never had any success on concrete. Ceramic tile can be a little sketchy. I think some tiles are colored using metal oxides that throw the meter off. It will pick up pipes and conduits concealed inside a wall, so you have to learn how to avoid false readings. I once watched a guy mark off a large section of wall as having wet areas.............all in long vertical streaks. He was reading pipe runs. There was definitely moisture..........inside the pipes. :laughing:

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