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diitrii_popov 08-05-2011 03:04 PM

Max number of 15 felt paper layers for low spots (hardwood)
Hi, I'm about to nail down some 3/4 oak hardwood and I have a low spot ~ 1/4 inch plus minus a 1/16 in sub-floor (3/4 osb) in a corridor with area ~2x2 feet. I looked at forums and people recommend shingles and 15 pound roofing felt...

I put in 1 layer of shingles and then tar paper to smooth it out and make it perfectly straight... Well I ended up with 13 layers of 15 tar paper in the lowest spot on top of 1 layer of shingles. After that I read a manual for hardwood and they say maximum is 6 layers of 15 pound tar paper. I couldn't find any topics with the amount of maximum layers. People just say multiple :)

What's the maximum number of layers? Is it what manufacturers say or could there be more?


ttr13r 08-06-2011 09:26 AM

:turned: If the manufacturer said 6 then that's what it is. Otherwise you will void the warranty. Try finding out how to contact the manufacturer or google the name, that should help. Usually on just about anything you buy, there is an 800 number on the package somewhere.

diitrii_popov 08-06-2011 01:16 PM

I was doing some testing. I think I kinda know now why too many layers isn't recommended. At the moment of shooting the staple through the plank if there isn't enough pressure on the plank. The staple will hold the plank, but not very firmly against the sub-floor.

I was curious what people using regardless of what manufacturers say... I saw somebody said no more than 10 layers or it will be spongy...

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