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Wandererone 07-10-2012 05:52 PM

Matching timber flooring
This is the timber flooring in the sunroom and, as far as I know, it is also the same under the carpet in the bedrooms and hallway of the 'old' section. The 'new' added on part of the house has vinyl and carpet which I want to replace with timber flooring.
Any idea what type of wood this is? (And I am in Australia :))

user1007 07-10-2012 08:25 PM

Hard to tell since I don't know what is common down under. It has lots of knots suggesting it is from a softer, faster growing conifer rather than a hardwood species of tree. Hopefully someone nearer you will chime in.

goosebarry 07-10-2012 10:37 PM

My bet would be Murray Pine or what American's call Australian Cypress. It was very popular in post WWII bungalows.

I have a farm house in the Southern Highlands with Murray Pine floors.

Wandererone 07-18-2012 01:35 AM

Great link!
Thanks Goosebarry (Funny. Thats what I call my husband sometimes :laughing:)

jastin123 07-18-2012 04:19 AM

Floor coatings have a life span, you will not be able to match the stain as the old stain has faded , and it would take as specialist supplier to have the stain matched.

I would sand the floor back to a point where the join will be in shadow, then stain and coat.

do you know if the floor coating is water based or solvent based??

and also the brand & type??

Not all brands are compatible , so this information is critical.

Semi Solid Wood Flooring

Wandererone 07-19-2012 05:42 AM

Jastin I am not trying to match the stain. Obviously the floor in the pictures will be stripped back and redone.
I am trying to match the wood - as best I can.
What I want to try and do is match new timber flooring with this old stuff.

Awoodfloorguy 07-19-2012 08:51 AM

The flooring does appear to be cypress. However, it is hard to tell for sure.

goosebarry 07-19-2012 10:14 PM

I ran across this website. They appear to be near you. The family might have even built the original floor. :laughing:

belter 08-07-2013 01:04 AM

I'm in Australia aswell :) and we have flooring in our lounge room very similar to what you have which is Cypress, which is a truly breathtaking timber floor.

Our guys did a really nice job and haven't had any problems so if you're based in the south, i can highly recommend timber flooring melbourne or "TFM" as they tend to be know as.

woodman58 08-07-2013 07:55 PM

Wandererone, I am not sure what it is. If you go to the link I have posted and scroll down to reply from Sigidi you can send a PM. He is a sawyer from Queensland. He should be able to help.;u=1340

alexjoe 08-09-2013 01:00 PM

What I think it is cypress flooring.

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