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Ebierley 04-03-2013 09:06 PM

Match shoe moulding to cabinets or floor?
I just remodeled my kitchen and am finishing the trim work. I have hickory floors and dark cherry cabinets. Should I match the shoe moulding under the cabinets to the cabinets or to the floor. The shoe moulding on the walls without cabinets will match floor color as close as possible.

oh'mike 04-04-2013 06:47 AM

Shoe molding generally matches the wall trim(base molding) or cabinets----

Awoodfloorguy 04-04-2013 09:27 PM

I would match the cabinets to the shoe moldings around the cabinets. If also doing shoe around the baseboards, I would match the baseboards with that shoe. Hope this helps.

ktkelly 04-05-2013 10:13 AM

To each his/her own.

I would try a piece with the shoe stained to match the floors, and one piece stained to match the cabinets. Go with which fits your eye.

As for me, I prefer to have all the shoe be of one color throughout. Having the shoe change color in various rooms just doesn't give a look of continuity.

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