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digitaljimmy 11-05-2010 11:02 AM

Mannington Adura Vinyl Tile
I'm considering having Mannington Adura Vinyl Tile Corsica coral reef installed over my builder grade sheet vinyl floor in my kitchen. Any cautions on this stunt? Should a underlayment be used or is it ok to use a embossing prep product? The existing vinyl floor is just worn out not peeling or anything.

Should I consider another better vinyl tile floor? I like the fact that the Mannington tiles are grouted and look very realistic. Does the Mannington tile scratch and mare much?

digitaljimmy 11-07-2010 07:51 AM

Revised - Mannington Adura Vinyl Tile
Ok, with 60 views and no responses this forum seems a little weak. To anyone who might be interested Iíve changed my mind and have decided to go with the Duraceramic LVT floor instead. It has texture and seems a little more durable and not to mention realistic. Iíve found a floor installer who is going to install the floor for me. Iím ordering the tiles from (good price + free shipping). The installer has installed lots of the Duraceramic and said my floor doesnít need embossing or an underlayment. The floor is clean but the finish has been completely scrubbed off. Any replyís to my posts would be great.

MI-Roger 02-03-2013 02:19 PM

3-1/2 years with Mannington Adura floors
No problems and we still love the floors. These floors do require some maintenance; my wife hand scrubs the floor once per year with an ammonia solution and sponge to brighten the grout lines, one or two grout lines had to be re-grouted due to cracking or air pockets in the grout that broke through. Neither maintenance step is a big issue.

Our son's Shiba Inu dog (35 pounds of muscle and toe nails) seems to spend more time with us than with our son, and the dog has not done any damage to the floors.

Friends who have ceramic/porcelain tile floors initially thought ours were glazed tile too. They actually prefer our floors to their own because the vinyl is quieter and warmer than their fired tiles while providing the same color shading and texture.

Our previous floor was vinyl sheet on luan on cheap VCT (VAT?) on luan on 3/4-inch T&G plywood. We removed the sheet vinyl and top luan layer. I then used my Senco Screwgun to drive 2-1/2 inch flooring screws through the remaining layers down into the floor joists every 9 inches or so. The floor was rock solid and silent before the new installation began.

The installer stapled new luan underlayment and filled all seams with cementious grout before gluing on the Mannington Adura tiles using standard grout spacers between the tiles. The tinted vinyl was squeezed into all joints the follwoing day.

Our success with this floor may be attributable to my reanchoring of all floor layers to the joists on crazy close spacing.

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