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Limestone cracked in kitchen

Our 3 year old Limestone Floor started to crack after just 6 months from the installation.

The builder on site has not taken responsibility and the tile guy is long gone.

The builder has passed this off as something that Limestone will do, and it is not his concern.

However, the cracks are perfectly spaced every four feet-- just as the board underlayment pattern would be.

Two other builders told me he used the wrong underlayment, and now the cracks span the entire kitchen every four feet.

What would anyone reading this do? Just rip it out and re-do it is what we are going to do. We would, however, like to hold the builder overseeing the project that went wrong responsible. Unfair to make the homeowner pay twice.

Thanks to any good builder to give advice.


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The builder has passed this off as something that Limestone will do,
I'm sure this has happened to him before and he thinks it's normal cuz they may not know how to prep for and install natural stone.

Obviously natural stone can be installed and not crack, you just have to do it right.

If you can tell us everything you can about how the floor is framed and specifically what was done with names etc. We should be able to point to several reasons this has happened.

This is one of the services I provide. The need is high, lots of poor work these days.



TILE GUY - retired- TROY, MI - Method & Product suitability consulting.

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I would have an independant tile inspector come to your home and document all findings with pictures and in writing. Jazzman might be able to help find someone in your area to do this. After you have everything documented you can have the floor replaced by a more reputable company. Then take the builder to court for the bill for the replacement and some personal anguish. If you try to go after him without proof you won't have a chance.
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Well you have two tile inspectors right here but of course we can't inspect your floor over the Internet. Woodman is correct and a written report and testimony from a certified inspector will carry a lot of weight in a courtroom. To tell you the truth not many cases get to the judge after the written report is seen by all parties if the builder/installer is at fault.

Your floor tile is improperly installed, that's obvious. If you'll provide a little more detail we narrow this down for you.

1. What type floor joists do you have? Lumber joists, I-beam type joists, truss type, what?
2. What is their size (measurements)?
3. What is their spacing between each other?
4. What is the length of the unsupported span they traverse?
5. What is the subfloor made of?
6. How thick is the subfloor?
7. How many layers are subfloor are there?
8. What type of tile underlayment/tile backer was used?
9. What size are the tiles?
10. How big is this area, what are the overall measurements?

Lots of questions I know, but if you could answer some of them it would be very helpfull.
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Originally Posted by Bud Cline View Post
you have two tile inspectors right here ... testimony from a certified inspector will carry a lot of weight in a courtroom.
ummm.. well I am an IICRC Certified Inspector, but most people call me certified insane, much the same thing, for some. So make sure you know who is behind the certification, before you hire someone.

But I do agree that consumertalk should have everything documented and inspected by a IICRC inspector if he plans to go to court.

Most tiles guys have no warranty and thus you should use a Professional Retailer and NOTcontract with a tile installer, even when your contractor recommends him. Unless you had no contract with the tile guy and only with the contractor. Then the contractor would hold the resposiblity, but most likely you contracted with the tile guy in someway and thus the contractor is out of responsiblity.

As a side note a good stone installer can fix the damage to the tile, but I know you will not find too many good ones out there. Also If the damage was caused by the sub-flooring it may crack in the future, so one would question the worth of doing it at all. You really need to call a retailer that you can trust first and see what they think as they can see it.

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limestone cracks

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