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gdog 10-30-2005 09:46 AM

lifting carpert to run cables then replacing carpet

We have just moved in to a flat which has had new carpet laid. I need to run a phone cable under the carpet rather than a mile around the door frames.

There are two door strips I could use to get under the carpert one is a joiner where 2 bits of carpet are joined, the other is a round edge type where carpet meets vinyl.

the latter seems to be screwed down - i noticed after lifting slightly. I have no access to the screw heads so how do I remove it with out pulling the screws out of the floor?

and if i do lift the joining strip to run the cable (its about 3ft wide the carpet between the round edge and the joining one) Will the carpet go back down ok or should I avoid lifting it all together? Is there any thing else I should know?

one more question, any easy way to deal with new carpet fluff - the stuff gets everywhere.



floorman 10-30-2005 09:52 AM

If you start pulling the carpet out from the stip or at the seam then you will not be able to get it back in unless you call someone to do it for you .I would reccomend that find a flat blunt object and tuck it in around the perimeter until you ge to the desired location.
You would have to break that seam apart to get the line up under it and then get the carpet flat again cause you would need to channel out the pad to get the proper heighth out of it.

Mike Swearingen 10-30-2005 04:39 PM

I recommend that you run it around the perimeter behind the carpet tack strip. Walking on wire just pulled under a carpet is a good way to damage it.
Just pull the edge of the carpet up a bit (WITHOUT removing it loose from the tack strip) with a pair of needle-nosed pliers, tuck the wire behind the tack strip and push the carpet edge back down with a putty knife. There should be about 3/8" behind the tack strip and the base of the wall.
Works for me.
Good Luck!

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