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eagerinsight 07-19-2005 07:11 PM

Levelling concrete bathroom floor
My old bathroom floor was a mess. It was a concrete slab and tiled over, in the 70's someone did a bad remodeling job and broke up a large section of the floor to fix the plumbing. They did a poor job of filling the hole with concrete and when I got the house the floor was cracked and rocked under your feet. So I redid the section that was bad, but my mason skills are not the best and the floor is a little uneven. I want to even out the floor but don't want to pour more concrete for a skim coat. Is there something I can pour that will harden and self level itself?

MgMopar 07-27-2005 09:29 PM


I would recommend a self leveling concrete type product. On a quick search I found this one but there are other manufactures and you should be able to find a similar product in whatever area you are in.

Even if you don't do the whole floor and you choose just areas of it should work it ok if covered after with your tile

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