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robismyname 10-21-2011 01:01 AM

leveling concrete subfloors for engineered wood installation
This has to be one of the hardest DIY jobs i've done. Basically I am preparing about 900 square feet of concrete subfloors for proper leveling so that I can install my engineered wood floor down properly. Im starting in a room that about 12x12.

I must say I dont know what I am doing. I must have bought 15 bags of 50 lb self leveling powder and my floors are still not leveled. At $35 bucks a bag...well you can do the math. I think I have 5 bags left.

Its hard to describe exactly what the problem is im experiencing but basically if i place my straight edge on the wall to my left starting in a corner my straight edge only tells me what my dips and peaks are for up to 4 feet and not remaining 8 feet that the straight edge does not cover. Now if i move the straight edge over 4 feet i can determine where my high and low points are but im no longer correlated with my previous 4 feet high/low measurement and the last 4 feet high/low measurement.

Im inclined to believe that I need a straight edge that is closer to the length of the room, maybe 11 feet. Its funny all the videos on utube say you need a straight edge but they dont say how long the straight edge has to be.

Overall the floors are not messed up to the point that i need to chip up any level compound it seems like i will measure a low, fill in the low and the low is still there next time i measure and i think this is happening because im not laying down the straight edge like i did the first time so my low/high measurement are changing on me if you kinda understand what im getting at.

Any advice?

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