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WNB 08-20-2013 11:31 AM

Leveling a concrete floor in converted den?
Hello all, I'm a new homeowner, and generally pretty clueless about home improvement, but I'm eager to learn and this form has been invaluable so far in gathering information. That said, I'm looking to tackle a new flooring project that is a bit out of my comfort zone so I was hoping for a little input on my plans.

Currently I have a concrete porch that was at some point converted to a den with carpet and pad installed over a painted concrete slab. I'd like to redo the floor with wood flooring of some sort, but my first concern is leveling and putting in a subfloor. It's a fairly small room approx 8'x11' that slopes down approx 1 3/4" inches over the 8 ft span.

So what I'm thinking is to put 6mil vapor barrier over the concrete and attaching sleepers 12" on center perpendicular to the slope of the floor. I'm still not sure what to use in terms of materials and how to attach them to the floor. The math works out pretty well with each sleeper being 1/4" thicker than the last to give me (what should be) a level floor. So I'm thinking a combination of varying thickness plywood or lumber cut to the proper width and thickness, attached to the slab via tapcons. Does this sound reasonable? Any other preferred methods, issues, etc? Any input is appreciated.


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