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Tinkertom67 08-14-2011 12:49 PM

Leveling a Basement Cement floor
I am looking for advice on trying to fix a problem in our 1928 house.
I live in Minnesota.
The basement floor slopes to the center of the house to drain off possible flood water. The outside grade of the house now all slopes away so it would take a massive amount of rain to flood the basement. The basement is partially finished and has very nice entertainment room.

The problem lies in the Laundry/Rec room. The floor slopes so badly that the Machines have to shimmed to be level and yet still like to walk. The house had a cistern in the basement made out of cinder blocks I have taken down one side of the cistern to increase the size of the laundry room. However the Cistern floor is not level and I need to increase the area to fit both the washer and dyer and a laundry tub. The cistern floor is 2-4 inches higher then the rest of the basement. I would like to be able to pour SLC to fix the problem but keep getting conflicting information on how thick SLC and can be poured. I can build and bring floor level with wood but would rather use cement as it is more durable and less likely to rot.

I can upload pictures if it helps

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