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jeremyd143 08-07-2012 12:53 PM

Laying OSB floor for our wedding
helllo! this is my first time on here and i'm hoping i can get some good ideas and advice on my headache of a project.

my fiancee and i are getting married in two months and we live on a small horse farm in ohio.

we have a canvas top riding arena that carly (fiancee) purchased with the money her dad left her after he passed away a few years ago due to a sudden heart attack.

the arena is awesome and it's riding floor dimensions are 120'x65'. it has a sand floor. after we got engaged, carly said if money were not a factor, she'd choose to have our wedding in the arena. that being said, i am making it my personal goal to make that happen.

we will be having a lot of elderly guests at the wedding so the idea of just doing it in the sand is out. renting a floor is $1 per square foot ($7800), so that's out. astroturf is about half that ($4000), and would be awesome, but still to expensive. from talking to everyone i can about this, my idea now is to use 7/16" OSB and H clips to hold them together. it would be about 240 sheets of OSB. i hope to be able to sell this material back after the wedding for a fraction of the price at which it was purchased.

i recently bought 10 sheets and laid them down on the freshly dragged sand and it seems to work pretty well. however, there are going to need to be several H clips on every board, about every 2 feet, in order to prevent any bowing or trip hazards. i was thinking of placing one side directly up against a wall and working my way across, leaving one extra foot of sand at the far side, where i plan on driving stakes down to keep the floor from expanding. sounds like i have a good start but i'm not sure until i actually do the whole thing of how this is going to hold up under heavy traffic.

a few guys have suggested liquid nail? the H clips would be nice because i wouldn't have to have any holes in the boards when i try to sell them on CL. any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated! cheers.

gregzoll 08-07-2012 03:24 PM

The thing is, unless it is a roofer buying these sheets, and they are not water damaged, there really is not a market for them. I would go with a local tent & staging company and let them deal with the labor setup & tear down.

120x65 is a large area, and at 7800sqft, you are talking a large home at that. The problem with weddings, is people tend to lose their minds, instead of staying grounded.

oh'mike 08-07-2012 05:07 PM

Just floor an area large enough for the party--set up temporary rails or fence to keep guests from accidentally stepping off into the sand--

Personally I would rent a dining canopy and stay out of the arena---flies are a big party stopper and horse barns are loaded with them---

JazMan 08-07-2012 09:55 PM

Congrats Jeremy & Carly,

But.......... the OSB held together with those H clips is not such a good idee. If you can't be talked out of having the reception there, flies and all, there has to be a better way to keep the sheets together and flat.

How about placing furring strips every 2' on the sand and screwing the sheets to the strips? The furring strips should bury themselves into the sand and the sheets should be supported by the sand. If so, maybe every 4' will work? You gotta make the sand very flat first of course. This should work and if the sheets are resting on the flat sand below you should not have issues with chair legs being occupied by heavy people.

Of course all those furring strips and screws will add up the budget $$$.


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