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beamish 07-12-2005 06:48 AM

Laying linoleum around toilet
Can anybody please tell me the correct way to lay lino in my toilet? I don't know how to trim it to fit around the bowl and my first attempt ended in me trying to "patch in" off-cuts!! I have now purchased a new piece but am holding off attempting to lay it until I get some advice! Help!

MgMopar 07-12-2005 07:23 AM


First making a paper or cardboard template of what your final piece should be the laying over and cutting just a bit larger so you can final trim in location is the way I have used to cut out obstructions. Generally most toilets are not that hard to remove. You have to only rough cut for the drain if you remove the toilet first. Much better look and no longer need to slice the for a wrap around the back. I would highly recommend considering removal of the toilet durring this project.

imported_lovetoDIY 09-08-2008 10:06 PM

I agree. It will be difficult cutting it to fit perfectly. Simply remove the toilet and eye ball it from there. Much easier.

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