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Physismith 02-05-2013 05:42 PM

Laminte Wood Floor Separating

I'm new to the forum so thanks to all for any help!

I've noticed that some of the laminate wood flooring in the main level is not horizontally flush with the boards it is supposed to butt against. There are about 7 spaces that I noticed; none larger than a quarter inch or so. I don't believe there is anyway to correct without replacing the floor, or at least portions of it, so I'm wondering if anyone has experienced this and devised a way to cure the aesthetic problem. The spaces are noticeable and I'd like to at least blend them in so to speak.

This is the info that I can think of that may be helpful:

The home is 24 years old.
The flooring was installed 4 years ago (before I bought the home)
The separations in the floor are all on one side of the home as this is the only side with laminate flooring.
The home has settling present on one side (opposite side of the flooring) that has been corrected with jacks. But I really don't think the settling is the issue because the settling has been there since I moved in and hasn't changed noticeable in size since. The flooring was also installed after the jacks were installed.

Thank you for your time and advice!

joecaption 02-05-2013 05:57 PM

Is it the seams in the flooring that are pulling apart, or it it a gap on the outside near the wall.
There's suppost to be a gap that gets covered with 1/4 round.
Without more info or a picture going to be hard to help.

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