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chrissie 04-08-2009 03:49 PM

Laminating the stairs
Hello to all,

I live in London, UK and I wonder if anyone can help me find a contractor or fitter to fit the "Scala Moderna Stair System" on my stairs.

My entire home is fitted with laminate flooring and now I would like to laminate my stairs as well, as I have a pet dog and vacuming the stairs just does my back in. I have done some research and apparently there is a company called BHK online who import and sell the scala stair system. I gave them a call and spoke to a gentleman there who promised to call me back after he had spoken to a fitter. It has been almost a week now and no call.

I am quite perplexed and am really deperate to get my stairs done. I have seen pictures and articles of how it is fitted but don't think I am quite capable of doing it myself.

So, could someone please advise of where to go or whom I may contact.



chrissie 04-15-2009 05:41 AM

no response
does any one have any reccomendations pls

Ron6519 04-16-2009 02:55 PM

You might have better luck with a UK based forum or going to local dealers who sell this product.

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