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nathan.tran 08-02-2008 02:21 AM

LAMINATE STAIR: with or without underlayment
I am researching on putting laminate on stairs. Putting aside the issue of safety, slippery, etc... with a laminate stairs, my question is: I am using laminate with pre-attached underlayment. Almost all reference on Internet advise against putting laminate on stair tread with the underlayment for "safety" reason, but nobody offer explanation as to why. The fact that you have to glue and nail the laminate plank to the tread won't make the plank moving anywhere. Furthermore with the pre-attached underlayment I imagine it would be much quieter than without that underlayment.

The "un-safe" issue of laminate stairs might arise from the slippery surface, or from tripping on the uneven bullnose, or from the bullnose breaking apart. How could the pre-attached underlayment cause unsafety ?


floorgal 08-19-2008 01:24 AM

i would suggest that you contact the manufacturer of the laminate product you are installing. as for nailing them to the 'run' of the step, i'm not sure they would suggest that, but they do suggest that you glue it to the step. but with the attached underlay, which is glued on, it may become loose causing the plank to become loose. that is why the underlay needs to be removed so that you are glueing the plank itself to the step. but, the stairnose trim- bullnose- is the unsafe part. it is usually overlapping the edge of the plank causing a very bad potential for a trip hazard and, asthetically, it doesn't look the greatest either. maybe instead of putting laminate on the steps you can replace the tread with an oak tread and stain to match your laminate. that would also save you money because those stairnose trims are pretty pricey.

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