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FindingNemo 09-12-2006 08:19 PM

Laminate over linoleum?
Any experiences or knowledge appreciated! :thumbup:

Floorwizard 09-12-2006 11:12 PM

Completely acceptable.
make sure the floor is flat and level according to manufacturers specs.

FindingNemo 09-12-2006 11:18 PM

My only concern was that there was carpet to linoluem transition in the same room. By removing the carpet will that height difference of the linoleum be an issue?

Thanks for the info :thumbsup:

FindingNemo 09-14-2006 11:25 PM

Can I build up the hight difference with a high density particle board, or what would be the best to use for that :confused1: I am gussing that the difference will be about 3/16" to A 1/4" when I remove the carpet.
The house is aprox 3 to 5 years old. I am worried that the lino will be allmost impossible to remove, being fairly new construction:001_unsure: please help:notworthy:

Floorwizard 09-15-2006 10:08 PM

when you install the lam, it sounds like it will be of close height to the Vinyl.

A t-molding is then used.

FindingNemo 09-16-2006 12:42 AM

Sorry :bangin:, I am installing a laminate flooring over the existing linoleum, and where the carpet is comming out. (hope to). But when I remove the carpet, there will be a height difference between where the carpet was, and where the linoleum is. This transition is in the same room/open space (not a doorway).

So I figure that the height difference between where the carpet was and the linoleum is will be about 3/16" - 1/4"

What would you do here? Would you spend the countless hours trying to remove the linoleum, or would you build up the floor where the carpet was?

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. :thumbup1: Sorry for the confusion.

Floorwizard 09-19-2006 11:27 PM

Depends on the sizes of the room and what is under the lino.

which would be smallest? the square footage of lino to remove or the square footage of underlay to install?
if you add underlay, will it affect any other areas for heighth?
Removing Vinyl and underlay can be a disaster especially if installed on particle board, or happens to be glued down.

you could also use a reducer that transitions down 1/4 inch or so, but wouldn't that look odd in the middle of a room?

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