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poconosms1 02-20-2012 12:06 PM

Laminate Flooring - underlayment
I'm planning on installing a 10-12 mm flooring in a 300 sqft area over a garage. When the prior owner added the addition it was enclosed with storm windows. I finished the room. He had installed a 1/4 inch outdoor capeting, which is glued to the floor. The carpet is really dense, almost like walking on wood.

I was thinking of leaving it in lieu of installing the foam underlayment of the laminate flooring.

What do you think?

DannyT 02-20-2012 12:44 PM

your floor will last much longer if installed the way the manufacturer designed it to be installed. a neighbor of my uncles wanted me to install some laminate in his house. he ended up letting a guy do it for 400.00 dollars more then i told him. the guy left the carpet padding in and installed over it. the guy said his wife was complaining that every time they walked into the living room the heat register popped out of the floor. the guy also installed the pieces so all the end joints lined up across the room. install it using manufacturers instructions. get rid of the carpet. i know it feels pretty stiff when you walk on it but laminate flooring isn't made to flex as much as it will over that carpet. but it is your house and your dime so you can do anything you want.

poconosms1 02-20-2012 02:47 PM

it's not padding. If you walk on it with shoes, there's no difference between walking on luan and the carpet. I would not even be able to remove it because it's glued down. It would probably ruin the plywood under it. If anything, I would have to put a layer of luan (or some other 1/4 plywood over it, else I would have to rip the entire floor up, which I don't want to necessarily do either.

DannyT 02-21-2012 10:03 AM

i didnt say it was padding. it gives more than what the manufacturer wants you to install over. are you gonna have any heavy furniture on the floor. a large sofa sitting on 4 small legs is quite a few pounds per square inch. if the legs are on a joint in the laminate and it gives because of the carpet below it the joint is gonna crack. but like i said before you can do anything you want, its your house. if you wanna glue the laminate to the carpet you can. im just telling you that if you want your floor to last a normal life for laminate take the carpet up and do it right. go to the manufacturer's site that made your laminate and read the installation instructions. i'm sure installing over carpet is not in there. installed over carpet will most likely void any warranty also from improper installation. how would you fasten plywood over carpet??

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