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tonyg1 08-18-2011 02:35 PM

laminate flooring over basement door in floor...
Hello everyone...

I am remodeling a room that used to be a screened in porch. The previous owner put an addition above the screen room. The screen room had something like 14 windows in it and heating and cooling was costing to much due to the room.

So i went ahead and pulled out 13 windows and boarded them up as a regular wall. I also went ahead and tore out a iron spiral staircase and put in a regular real staircase. turned out good for doing it myself though it has been an all year project.

So now i just finished the drywalling and painting and redid the electric outlets and switches. I even added track lighting as I will have a pool table on whells in this room when finished.

I decided to go with a 7mm laminate flooring from lumber liquidators for about 300 dollars not bad at all. the floor will be here in about 7 days so i am preping everything now.

My dilema now is that in the middle of this room is the entrance to the basement which the door is built into the floor like a trap door and for the love of god I do not know the actual name for this door.

Now once i install the floor i see that this door will be a problem because it opens nice now becuase it was just very thin carpet before i ripped it out. but with 7mm thick floor boards it will not open all the way and i can see damage happening.

I think i figured out how to re install the door so that the door will swing down avoiding hitting the 7mm floor boards. I am going to undo the piano hinge and install a new 2x4 about two inches from the board the hinge is on now. I will then install the piano hinge on the new 2x4 which will place the hinge a few inches from the end of the door so this way when the door is lifted the end of the door will have 2 inch gap for the end of the door to swoop down with out having to hit the floor boards.

I then thought well the door will be heavy now with the floor boards glued in place. I was thinking of how to make the door open with ease and thought to use gas struts.... Well, then this morning i came across a gate opener alittle pricey but i can install a switch in the wall to push to open the door automatically. Has anyone ever used a gate opener or made an automatic trap door opener? thanks

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