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fogel1497 05-28-2007 03:34 PM

Laminate Flooring Outdoors
My neighbor has quite a lot of excess laminate flooring he is willing to just give to me, and my son is building a clubhouse. I want to cover the floor with something for him, and I figured the laminate flooring would be a great idea; especially since it's free. I really don't care if it scratches or visually depreciates some, but will the laminate flooring be able to hold up to outdoor conditions? It's going to be placed right on top of flattened dirt pretty much, and is going to be subjected to rain and such.

Floorwizard 05-28-2007 03:39 PM

it will fail horribly. But what the will only swell and bubble a bit.
it's better to live on in a clubhouse than dirt :)

I am sure there are better products tho.

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