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bandon 08-19-2012 04:11 PM

Laminate Flooring Edge Strip
I have a problem with a laminate floor (age unknown) that had damage to the transition strip where it changes to a tile floor. Over time the strip has lost all of its "wood" like appearance, and is now instead as green as a cabbage. This strip is not the current day MDF material, but rather a plastic / rubber material that has only one thin center "T" fin, with no female track installed on the floor. Instead, it was glued in place. I have tried the local home center retailers for replacement product. Cannot even match the color with current MDF products. I live in the southern California area. Does anyone know of a facility that may have outdated laminate products, or have any other ideas?

joecaption 08-19-2012 04:18 PM

Posting a picture would sure help.

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