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willy0314 08-07-2010 09:48 PM

Laminate flooring / baseboard gap question
I recently installed new baseboard throughout our new home. In the carpeted rooms, the baseboard is installed 1/2" above the old wood floor that the carpet will be installed over. I continued the 1/2" gap between the base board and the floor throughout the kitchen as well.

I purchased some 8.2MM laminate flooring that I am going to install throughout the kitchen and hallway this week. My question is this: should I space the expansion joint off the face of the baseboard, or off the wall and tuck the flooring under the baseboard? I'm not sure if this will even be possilbe once you account for the thickness of the underlayment. The flooring instructions say to leave a 3/8 expansion joint at all 4 walls. If the expansion joint is essentially 1" from the wall (0.5" between the laminate and the baseboard face and 0.5" thickness of the baseboard) will there be any negative effects? I plan on running quater round molding along the baseboard /laminate seem to finish it off.

Thanks for the help

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