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Laminate floor in basement questions

Hi guys. New to the forum, but have browsed the topics plenty of times. Anyway, now I could use some specific help please.

The great debate of whether to use laminate in below grade seems to be well discussed, but I am looking for further clarification.

Here is my situation. I am looking to laminate my entire basement, except for my laundry room. I have already purchased all of the laminate, so there is really no turning back. I have had water seeping through the foundation walls, but over the past 2 summers I have excavated and sealed the outside with BlueSkin. No longer having any water leaking through! I do believe that I still have a moisture issue, as my dehumidifier is constantly running. Humidity stays around 50%, but without dehumidifier running it would get to about 70%, maybe 75% on bad days. I also have a sump pump that goes off regularly in rainy weather.

So the plan. Plan to use Dri-core (I have researched many other options, but this seems to be the best option for me, and yes, I know it has organic material in it). So plan to use Dri-core, followed by some type of foam padding to eliminate squeeking in the floor. Then finally laminate on top of that.

First question - Should I seal the concrete with some of that roll on sealant prior to laying the dri-core? Or should I just let moisture continue to seep from underneath? After all, the Dri-core would allow the concrete to breath still, and then the dehumidifier could do it's work. thoughts?

Second question - I have read a lot of posts, and they all say don't lay laminate where there is a floor drain. That obviously makes sense. However, I would still like to. So, is it possible to just lay the floor directly over it, seeing that the dri-core would still allow access to the drain? I realize that the floor won't be level there either, so that might be a challenge anyway. The other idea I read was to laminate to within a few feet of the drain, and then tile to the drain. I'm not sure what your thoughts are about that? That might look awful, plus how would that look finished.... I can't really imagine that looking good. So any ideas here would be gladly accepted. Keep in mind that I already bought the laminate so I would prefer to use it. Oh ya, the drain is in the middle of the room too. Which makes it even more difficult to manouver around.

I am trying to think if I have any other questions, but I am sure they will come up as you guys respond. Thanks a lot in advance. I plan to start this project in a few weeks, so any info would be helpful.


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So, you want somone to tell you that's it's OK to do everything wrong? ...............I'll do that!.........."It's OK to do everything wrong!"


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No, I want someone to tell me what other options I have. Also, it would be nice to know what part I am doing wrong... cause honestly I think everything seems totally fine other than the drain part. I KNOW that is wrong, hence why I am asking for other options.

The drain is only one 12 by 12 room, so I can go with something else if it's totally not a good idea. The rest of the basement with laminate, with the setup I described would be fine, no?
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