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gagaliya 10-01-2009 06:08 PM

laminate floating floor squeeky, is it normal?
Hi guys, need your professional opinion, i hired a contractor to install my laminate floors.

1) The floor used is pergo elegant expression laminate which comes with built-in padding, from my understanding it's a high quality brand floor.

2) The floors have been left in the room for at least 48+ hours

3) The bare floor is concrete and concret with some black glue on it (from previous floor removal), they did level everything then cover it up with black plastic (moisture barrier).

4) The floor installation currently is finished, but they havent installed the horseshoe yet. And it is a floating installation.

Ok now the problem is when i walk on it, it squeaks and feels like there is some space between the floor and the concrete, i think the squeaky sound is due to the plastic layer below it but not sure, you just dont get that solid feel as stepping on normal hardwood floor.

I told my concern to the contractors but they are saying it's normal for floating floors, there will always be some squeeks and also once the horseshoe are installed it should force the floor down more and reduce the squeaks.

Those guys seem to be pretty experienced so i didnt want to argue with them, but it cant right can it? I mean do all floating floors squeak in some areas?


MinConst 10-02-2009 05:27 AM

Unless you slab is perfectly flat you will find these areas. A floating floor becomes like a drum and bridges any high / low spots. When you walk on it it gives and hence the squeak. If it is extreme then the floor should have been leveled by grinding or filling low spots. But yes this is really normal for some floors. Make sure you see a good 1/4" space around the perimeter.

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