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26yrsinflooring 06-30-2008 11:46 PM

Konecto problems?
Hello all, Mods,regulars I greet you.

I thought I would stop in and see if I could offer some input after seeing the tags on on Google that indicated there were more problems with Konecto than one would like to see.

I am an installer and very familiar with the product.

There are perhaps many misgivings or bad information that can lead to floor failure.
Maybe I can shed light on some of these issues.
I deal with 10s of thousands of feet of Konecto every month and to date have had no issues.
Knock on wood! (or vinyl plank).
Please feel free to respond with any comments I will dig in my bag of facts and try to solve them with a process of elimination if I can.
If you just need to vent I understand, let it go...

junkwin 07-02-2008 12:14 PM

konecto plank
well, great as you say the product is and that you have had no problems....i have. it has separated both vertically and horizontally in many areas. since it was professionally installed and rolled - i can only assume it is a product issue. the retailer, distributor and manuf. all apparently agree - and have said they will replace the worst and fill the rest. they just have not gotten around to actually doing it ! :furious:

26yrsinflooring 07-02-2008 05:34 PM

tell me a little more about it,purchase and install date?
product style?

I will offer anything I know.

junkwin 07-04-2008 11:24 AM

konecto flooring
Retailer: Abbey Carpets
Konecto Prestigue
installed august 2007
retailer/distributor & manuf. are NOT disputing there is a problem - they are just not getting here to fix it. they say the installer they want to do the work, someone connected with the distributor, is 'tied up on a big commercial job and just can't break away". the worst area is where the hearth pad & woodstove sit...they say the weight requirements are w/in limits...and they knew there would be the hearthpad & stove installed over the flooring. the lesser separating areas do not all correspond to weight - altho there are some near the kitchen island - which is a free standing island - and again they knew it was here - they had to move it to work under it. i just don't seem to have any leverage on getting the work drags on and on and on.

26yrsinflooring 07-04-2008 01:39 PM

I am inclined to think that the wieght can cause an issue. This floor is a floating floor while it is demsional it will expand and contract in a unified manner.
Do you have some pics you could post?

junkwin 07-04-2008 02:04 PM

konecto plank
no i don't have pictures - and what ever is causing the problem is not the issue - everyone has agreed it is to be fixed/replaced - and the weight according to them fits their design requirements. the distributor is dragging their feet on tending to the problem....THAT is where i need suggestions on how to get them to follow thru on what they have said they will do. i am not going to argue the weight issue - they have already addressed that and said it is NOT the problem......

26yrsinflooring 07-04-2008 02:07 PM

who is the distributor?
What state are you in?

junkwin 07-04-2008 07:12 PM

konecto plank
no idea who distributor is - i have not been given that information - western washington.

26yrsinflooring 07-04-2008 07:24 PM

I am assuming it is Seapac does this oud familiar?

junkwin 07-04-2008 09:01 PM

konecto plank
as i said, i have not been told the distributor name. i don't remember the woman's name who represents them.....Lisa maybe. my main contact has been with the retailer. i'll see what i can find out.

26yrsinflooring 07-05-2008 04:13 PM

If it was installed in August 2007 it could have very well been from the bad batch of Konecto that come in back then.

Even since 07 Metroflor had changed thier specs several times.
I will tell all my customers tro treate is you woula floating floor.
The hearth should not have been built on top of it I dont care what they are saying.They should have told you that, the problem is not they do not want to change thier story are they are just trully uninformed.

If the floor was in the bad batch Metroflor refunded all the clients with floor problems or they gave them a new floor.They also refunded all the suppliers.

I am inclined to think there is more here than meets the eye.They suggestion that they imply that impressed heavy wieght will not create expansion problmes tells me some body has a lot of bad info.
I install and sell 10,000s of ft every month and I never advise my cleints to build or place counters or islands on the Konecto it will impede the expansion and contraction.

It is very simliar to laminate in this respect you cannot bind it down.

Your post are increasing my curisousity about this supplier.

junkwin 07-05-2008 06:31 PM

konecto plank
very interesting. where can i get that information you have mentioned about there having been a bad batch of flooring in 2007 - and that they have redesigned their specs, and given clients new flooring, etc. while i appreciate your information i need 'credible' written proof so to speak to make my case. ist here a website with that information? they knew about the hearth & woodstove to be placed on top of the new floor - the hearth is not attached to the floor - it's just 'sitting' on it = but yes i agree about the weight. and....they knew about the island - they had to move it to put the floor in. it is moveable but it is heavy. my refrig. also sits on top of the floor. so you're saying that absolutely NO floating floor will work for me? what about furniture? what is the weight limit ? we did this because i cannot have the glues involved in other options. and wood won't stand up to my dogs....and i don't want carpet. i have a call in to my retailer asking for the dist. name - we'll see if i get it. what part of the country are you in?

26yrsinflooring 07-05-2008 06:49 PM

I am personally in the midwest

You will not find thier failures in writing anywhere as is normal for failures on this scale.
I will offer the info I have.

They got in 3 bad containers with about 25,000 ft per container so about 75,000 ft of konecto with epoxy issues flooded the market.
Metroflor caught the problem quick and recalled all the affected merchandise that had not been sold, the problem was that is had mostly been sold... so as the claims are coming up they are confirming the problems and replacing it.
They also refunded the suppliers so they could compensate the customer or offer replacment, perhaps some of those suppliers have not relayed the warranty issue to thier customers.
I am installer so after 25years dealing with retailers I have little confidence in their ability to honest and forthcoming with thier clients.

I have full confidence in Metroflor and the Konecto products.
Thier warranties are good as gold and any new product is subject to betterment.

junkwin 07-06-2008 01:32 AM

konecto plank
as the dust is brushed from my brain i now recall i was originally scheduled for installation in june i believe .... then it was pushed out to august because the product was back i wonder if i got the bad stuff or the good stuff....i am going to chat with my retailer hopefully monday and get the dist. name. i will also drop some of this information that will let all know i have been doing some research - thanks to you. i have mentioned the attorney word on a couple of occasions....and my most recent directive was get it done in 30 days...end of discussion. we'll see. but now i wonder if replacing the worst sections - which will once again end up under and next to the hearth/woodstove will again separate if they continue to say the weight is w/in limits. i suppose with your information i can insist on a whole new installation vs a patch job.... ? hmmmmm.:whistling2:

26yrsinflooring 07-06-2008 10:04 AM

Evem simple issue like this bother me you siad the job was pushed back due toa back order date.
They should neven have scheduled your install when they knew the product was on back order, if they did this they kept you ona string so you would not cancel.

They knew the instant the order was placed that it was not in yet they they allowed the install to be scheduled.

When I place an order of Konecto, I will know within the next ten minutes if it is in stock or on back order. I will give the optinon of changeing colors or keep it on hold until it comes in.

You know some retailers have sales meetings about how to keep the customer hanging on the line while they cover thier butts.

I have heard it all, I have seen company owners tell me and other installers to lie to the customer when the truth was much more believable.

I believ the truth must be told if it takes the skin off your back.
This thing they are telling you about waiting for some rep or somthing sounds a little fishy to me. I think they are buying time to gather the funds to purchase a replacement,I could be wrong,,,,

I have 50 year old women that buy Koencto from me and install it her selve it is not rocket science it is very easy to install but you cannot bind it down. If it is bound down it will allo one part of the floor to expand and impede the other.

The fridge is heavy and it will impede expansion but this one of the issue we have to deal with and the area is isolated . I cannot tell you how many fridges I have remove and found the flooring bunched up around the rollers, or seem warpage under the fridge.

But to build a fireplace and have an island on top of it is out of order and thye should have told you that.

I am under the impression they were unfamiliar with the product and raelly thought it would work, so wrong they were...

I get calls from some retailers thinking I am Konecto and they ask me about the prodcut and tell me they have never heard of it but they have client that has.
I even get calls from retailers that do know what supplier in thier area carries it so they can purchase from the supplier. I try to screen these calls but it is hard to sometimes.

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