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nasstee 02-21-2011 10:10 PM

Installing TILE on screen porch/concrete slab has a crack
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I have a new home (1 year old) that has a beautiful screen porch. It has a poured concrete slab with one expansion joint and adjoins and outdoor porch that is also poured concrete.

My intention has always been to tile the screen porch to give it a more "finished" look. Unfortunately the slab did crack in one spot and the crack runs across the slab. There are a couple of hairline cracks that branch off. The slab has not sunk at all and appears to be level and done settling so I am not overly worried about additional cracking.

Any suggestions on installing ceramic tile on this slab and if it is recommended even with the slab crack?


woodman58 02-22-2011 06:06 PM

I have done many screen porches in a lake development where I live. If this is not a 4 seasons room you can not use regular ceramic. You can use porcelain or a freeze thaw stable tile. As for the crack, I fill them with silicon, let it dry and put crack isolation membrain over the area. There are many types out there. Check with you local flooring store to see what they use. I would not use anything from the box stores. This is personal preferance, nothing else.

acglobal 02-22-2011 09:10 PM

perform a moisture test on concrete first. put a 1' x 1' plastic squares on concrete in random spots and tape edges with duct tape for diy 'ers. let sit 24 hours. if no moisture present, i fill cracks with planipatch patching compound, but an ordinary latex modified floor patch should work. Purchase an isolation crack membrane from flooring supply store. should be a peel and stick. apply over all cracks.

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