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TapEx 03-12-2012 06:03 AM

Installing Floating Bamboo Over Existing Wood Subfloor

I just spent a week ripping out all the carpet and tiles in my 1300 sf home. It was a back breaking process especially removing the tiles/hardybacker/nails/vinyl/particleboard/nails in the kitchen and family room, wait did I mention there were nails...

The previous owner had particleboard installed over the wood subfloor all throughout the house and my friend told me the reason they did it is to level out the floor. The subfloor is old (45 year old home) and some planks are cracked but overall in fairly good shape.

I plan on installing floating bamboo floor in the house, and I have bought 3-in-1 underlayment that is about 1/8 thick.

My question is whether or not to put down OSB or felt paper underneath the underlayment. Will the 3-in-1 underlayment be sufficient? I have encapsulated my crawlspace so the moisture level is siginficantlly lower than what it used to be. I am open to suggestions, I just want to make sure I get it right the first time :laughing:


framer52 03-12-2012 10:11 AM

I would put a 3/8 plywood down and then put the flooring down.

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