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norcalsurfer1977 01-17-2009 12:27 AM

installing bamboo on stairs....with crazy angles
so i'm installing some bamboo on a lot of stairs. some of them are standard rectangular stairs, but some are not. the stairwells are curved, so there are some stairs that will need some fancy cutting.

how do i do this?

actually, what's the best way to scribe something like this? some sort of template?

any help would be great...thanks!

billy d 01-17-2009 12:05 PM

Hi Norcal surfer 1977.This may be harder to explain than to do so any questions just ask.I've never worked with bamboo so I can't really comment on it,but heres a method I've used for making templates for odd crazy shapes.Get a thin piece of plywood the bigger the better really and tack it on to the tread with one long edge flush with the nose of the tread.Just right on here base line get a batton may be a inch and a half wide,cut it at a angle so you have a sharp point at one end and the other end slightly of square,you'll see why latter.Place the batton sharp point against the stringer and the rest of the batton on the ply.On the ply mark with a pencil one side of the batton and the end.Move the batton to the next position and repeat same thing on the riser and the other stringer.You may find it moor helpful if you cut a smaller batton to get into arkward corners if so cut a different angle on the end of the smaller batton so you don't get the two confused.On any stright line you must have at least 3 points.Fasten the template on the material to be cut,place the batton onto the marks on the template and mark the sharp point on the material.Remove the batton and place a X on the line so you know which line you have just used.repeat the procedure and then just join the marks together.When the tread is fitted sand the template and repeat on the next treadIt's as easy as that. Hope this helps Billy.:thumbsup:

norcalsurfer1977 01-17-2009 05:02 PM

thanks for the reply, billy d.

i'm having a hard time understanding the process. i'm vaguely getting it, but i don't understand completely how the baton works. i'm a visual person...any links so i can see the objects described?


HardwoodGuy 01-17-2009 05:22 PM

The template idea is good but I don't follow it well either. Maybe a template made out of craft or rosin paper would work. Install the nosing first unless this is a solid tread and fasten the paper against it with staples so it doesn't move.

Scribe the area/edges with a utility knife, remove and place over boards that need to be cut to fit into the area. Mark with pencil and cut with jig saw. Jig should be adjustable speed and oscillate so it doesn't splinter the bamboo.

But if it was me I would toss the template idea and precut every angle with scraps.

norcalsurfer1977 01-17-2009 05:27 PM

thanks hardwoodguy.

i was thinking of craft paper as well. but how would you precut every angle w/out a template? eyeball it?

HardwoodGuy 01-17-2009 05:43 PM

Cut a rough angle with the chop saw, then place it against the nosing while rough fitting to the curved area...scribe from there. Pictures would be helpful but I don't have any. A video would be wonderful. Maybe I'll incorporate that within the year on my site. I do have plans for alot of video.

billy d 01-17-2009 06:29 PM

Hi guys I've never seen this method written down or a photo of it any where, it's somthing that was shown to me as a apprentice and I've used it ever since.May be I've confused it with to mutch detail.I'll try anouther way the batton is just a piece of 2x1 that is cut one end to a point.The 2x1 is placed on the ply and slid till the sharp end touches the riser or stringer and then you mark the position of the 2x1 on the ply.When the ply is placed on the bamboo the 2x1 is placed against the marks on the ply so now it is in the exact same position as it was when the ply was on the stair.The point at the sharp end of the2x1 is now marked on the bamboo.The moor points that are picked up and transfered onto the bamboo the moor exact the shape of the tread will be on the bamboo.

Iflooru 07-24-2012 07:16 PM

I have installed bamboo, one thing to keep in mind almost impossiable to face nail the product, it is basically bound strands of bamboo and the just explode when using numatic nailers.

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