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Needs advice 09-04-2010 04:59 PM

Installing Allure vinyl planks
Hope this question ends up in the correct spot. I've read most all of the postings on Allure flooring and still have an installation question. A gap is to be left around the perimeter of the flooring so it does not buckle. One post said it is the walls that move, not the flooring. I have a galley kitchen in which I wish to replace the floor covering. One end opens up into a dining nook that is open on one side to a carpeted family room. The new flooring will butt up against plush carpet on this side. Must I leave a gap against the carpet if I don't butt it up tight against the nailing strip for the carpet? I think the carpet would hide an 1/8 inch gap. The gap opposite the carpeted side will be covered with shoe molding. Second question is about the opposite end of the galley kitchen. This other end has access to a carpeted dining room. (This is the same side that butts against the carpet at the other end of the kitchen.) Opposite to the dinning room access is a small hall to a ceramic tiled area. I have two questions about this end. (1.) If one side is butting against a plush carpet with some give, and the opposite side is butting against ceramic tile do I need to leave a gap on the tile side? If I must, can I fill the gap with something flexible that will match the gray grout used with the tile? Or must I use some sort of transition molding between the ceramic tile and the Allure flooring? I would really like to avoid this if I can. (2.) The height of the tile is greater than the height the Allure flooring will be. If I can avoid using transition molding to handle a gap, what is the best way to mitigate that difference in height? Can I use a floor leveling compound and feather it out to make the difference unnoticeable? I have 53 inches of hall between the tiled area and the opening to the galley kitchen floor area. If this idea is feasible, what is the best product to use? The voice of experience will be most appreciated. Thank you.

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