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hellobritt 08-30-2011 09:24 AM

Installing 9mm bamboo over 9mm wood floor and concrete
Hi, long time reader, first time poster.

I removed carpet from a condo and found underneath a wood floor that is 9mm thick, tongue and groove squares. Underneath that is a concrete sub-floor that I cannot nail or screw into (condo rules). The wood floor is glued to the concrete floor, though in some spots it is loose, and in a few others, the wood is missing and was leveled with thinset before the carpet was installed.

I would like a few opinion on how to install the bamboo flooring. The company we purchased from (Build Direct) suggested floating. I've read that nailing down the bamboo requires a wood sub-floor of about 3/4". The wood floor that is already glued to the concrete is ~9mm (= 0.35"). I've also heard that screwing the bamboo through the tongue is an option when the wood sub-floor is too thin for nailing (although that is more work as pilot holes and the such need to be made - OK with me).

If you have some recommendations, I would love to hear them. Thank you

mossypath 08-30-2011 08:31 PM

Is the wood flooring down now a Parquet floor?
I would fix the loose tiles and put in a floating floor.
Can you put in a hardwood floor in your condo? They may have special requirements for underlayments for noise

hellobritt 08-30-2011 08:43 PM

Yes, I think the wood flooring down now is a type of parquet (or a cheap way of looking like parquet). It's basically 9x9 tiles of what I think is oak. It's about .35" thick.

I'm cleared with the condo, so that's all set. Their main requirement is that I use a 6 mm underlayment for sound.

Is there a particular reason why you suggest floating rather than gluing? Is one better than another for environments that are humid in summer and dry in winter?

mossypath 08-30-2011 09:11 PM

I would not to glue to a floor that is already falling and a floating floor will make it easier for you to be in compliance with your underlayment.
What is it that makes you not want a floating floor?

hellobritt 08-30-2011 09:35 PM

I think a floating floor is OK, but I did not know if there are better options. I was thinking that Build Direct would advise floating because it seems to be the easiest for DIY. If floating is the best option for the situation, then that is what I'll do. Thank you again!

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