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Jacobs.sr22 01-16-2011 04:57 PM

Hydronic in floor heat with carpet
Hello all, I am new to the forum although have gotten several good ideas from reading all of your posts/responses..

I am building a new home in central MN roughly 2200 ft2 which includes a full basement. I will have hydronic in floor heating as a primary heat source for the home and am concerned about flooring. As for the upstairs, which has two bedrooms, I will have hardwood or tile for kitchen, dr, ba, lr, etc. The bedrooms will have carpeting as well as the entire basement. I have read several articles regarding using carpeting with in floor heat and to choose low R value padding and a shallow or burbur carpet and all that.. This is not the ideal choice of carpet for our home as we would like to have something between a shag and burbur, but am concerned about the inefficiency of the heating. Also, for the rooms on the second floor the system will be staple up with transfer plates. Will that also reduce the efficiency being that it is not the "wet system" but rather the staple up?
The basement slab will have the pex run in slab with proper insulation and all that, but again am concerned with using a "thicker" carpet and small padding??

I am looking to hear from people who have the hydronic in floor heat with any type of carpet and how it is working for them? Any heat issues?, zoned separate and running water a little hotter in the carpet areas?, or any issues with carpet? I would appreciate any response. Thank you!

earcuffs 01-17-2011 10:31 PM

Local power company may offer information
Try contacting your local power company. They often provide information or references on new technology issues.

My dad installed radiant floor heating years ago with help of Wisconsin Power and Light. No carpeting though.
Good Luck, CB

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