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eis61374 11-03-2008 03:17 PM

How's this sound?
So, provided the mold inspection goes ok:(, & there are no moisture issues with the concrete:), here's my tentative plan.
Please let me know what you think:
Step 1) lay floormuffler over above-grade (3rd floor condo) concrete subfloor
Step 2) lay 3/4" advantech underlayment over the floormuffler
Step 3) lay rosin paper over the advantech
Step 4) cleat nail (manu. suggestion) 9/16" strand woven bamboo floor to advantech
Step 5) :thumbup: or :censored:

eis61374 12-09-2008 03:57 AM

Update: Mold is taken care of & concrete appears to be good. Got my floormuffler & the bamboo is on its way. Advantech is the final item to get (and how I'm gonna get it up to my 3rd floor apt. I have no idea). But floors will hopefully be getting done btw. 12/18-12/23 provided things go as planned. If anyone foresees any problems with this installation I'd appreciate any feedback. Otherwise I'll update again either when its complete or I'm in a mental institution.:thumbup:

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