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djmixon 09-29-2013 03:35 PM

Water seeping up under vlnyl plank floor in kitchen
Greetings, I am new.

Our house was built in 1979. We've re-roofed it due to a hail store (six-eight months after T.S. Allison) and installed vinyl siding on the upper floor with extra vented soffits to keep the attic properly ventilated. The first floor is brick fašade. We had a patio laid (and the idiot managed to cover the weep holes, but we haven't had a problem there...yet).

We have had severe drought conditions last year and the year before and were not allowed to run water outside...period. This summer hasn't been as dry, but we've been under water restrictions nonetheless. We haven't really seen any indication of foundation issues other than a door upstairs that is wonky (I think it is because my daughter slammed it too much) and occasional cracking in the mortar and brick fašade.

We had a mason come out last fall to fill the cracks and inspect the area--he said it looked good.

We re-piped our home with Pex last fall due to galvanized pipe failure.

When we repaired the damage from the burst pipes, we discovered asbestos floor tile under our carpet. It was broken, so we had to remediate and replaced it with vinyl planking that is glued directly to the foundation.

In the process of replacing the flooring downstairs, we had trouble with moisture in the pad, so it took a few days to get it finished because they had to re-seal the pad.

Now we have water seeping under one plank about 6 inches in front of our refrigerator.

We have turned off the water supply to the fridge to rule it out.

When the plumber was doing his thing with the pipes, he scoped our drain under the house and said he didn't find a problem...other than someone had stolen the drain cap outside the kitchen.

Our gutters must be replaced (as must our ductwork and a host of other expensive things) but up until now, we haven't had a problem other than keeping the shared French drain clear.

We have made certain to pull the dirt and rock along side the house away from the foundation to allow proper drainage. And before it started raining again, I took some DAP and ran it along the seam between the mortar/brick and foundation, making certain to clean out the weep holes. We have about four inches of foundation showing now outside the kitchen.

We inspected the fašade and did not see any cracks on that side of the house. I've plugged every hole I could find in the attic space where there might be light coming through on the ends (gables).

We inspected under the kitchen sink and did not find any moisture there.

We haven't pulled the dishwasher yet, but it is six feet or more away from the fridge and I cannot imagine it is the culprit since the water only seems to show up after it rains.

We recently replaced the in-line filter to the fridge, but have just turned off the water supply to it to rule it out.

I am tapped out financially after all the major disasters we've dealt with this last year.

What can I do to find and fix this problem?

And just so you know, I've seriously considered having a few priests come out and exorcise the residence if necessary; although I don't feel any malevolent energy here...:eek:...other than the non-stop disasters recently.

We've been in the house since 2001, and although the kids are moved out, we aren't quite ready to sell yet...especially with all these issues popping up. Maybe once it dries out again. :thumbup:

Doc Holliday 09-30-2013 07:49 PM

Welcome to the dang best diy forum known to mankind!!

I am an hvac tech here in the great ole city of H-Town, aka to those wihtout slang knowledge, Houston!!

While I can not solicit my services to you on this site I can do you one better, I can assist in any and all questions concerning your hvac system!!

We are all here to help you in any way we can (and there just so happens to be many a professional tradesman of all educations on this site here just to to that!) so please feel free to jump on in and ask.


Doc Holliday 09-30-2013 07:50 PM

btw, I grew up in the Alief school district (Hastings High, can I get a Whoop whoop!!??!!:)), now live in Memorial, 10 @ Dairy Ashford.. :yes:

Arkitexas 10-02-2013 06:29 PM

The refrigerator could still be the source of the water puddle if it has a freezer section. "Frostless" freezers aren't really frostless. Every time you open the freezer door moist air enters and deposits on the surface of the contents in the form of frost. Most of the frost collects on the coldest element in the freezer which is the evaporator coil. Every 24 hours the freezer goes into a "defrost" cycle. In this cycle a heater element activates for a short period of time and melts the surface frost on the coil and drains down a tube to a plastic pan located just above the compressor. The heat from the compressor evaporates the water back into the room air. If the plastic drain tube is broken, clogged, or disconnected at either end, or if the evaporator pan is cracked, water will spill to the floor. Move the refrigerator to another location for a few days and check if water is still present.


olzo55 10-04-2013 10:10 AM

Water showing up after a rain seems to indicate a problem other than plumbing to me. It should be wet regardless of the weather if it's a plumbing problem.

If it's not the refrig itself, I would remove the plank to check if there is a crack in the slab. But, you mentioned having a wet slab before the plank install and they sealed the slab. What did they think caused it to be wet then? that type of problem would be subsurface water or plumbing under the slab issues.

You could check the water meter over a long weekend. Don't use any water. Get a Frifay reading and a Monday reading. Check to see if they are the same reading. No potable water leak if the same.

Water leaks are hard to find because the water can travel from a distant spot across the floor to the low spot where it becomes visible.

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