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Chris' Place 03-31-2008 02:14 AM

How should I tackle this multilevel laminate project? Plus other questions.
Hello everybody, how are you?

I feel awkward just registering and quickly asking questions but I need your help. I own a townhouse style condo and would like to lay laminate flooring on the living and dining room floors(ground floor). The floors are a level apart(2 steps up or down), and has a small wall about 4 feet tall dividing the two rooms. On one end of this wall, there is a opening/walkway with one small step. The one step is made of concrete as is the two floors. I want to remove the wall and plan on extending and making a step across the entire width of the room where the little wall existed. I wanted to make the first floor seem larger and decided the short wall really made the place look small.

Well, I bought the laminate (4" wide planks) and tore the small wall down and now have a concrete base. I'm trying to figure out how to go about building the step. I was going to frame it with chopped 2 x 10's standing up every 10" or so and lay plywood over it but some have recommended against it. Some have recommended I lay cinder blocks and pour concrete over it but I'm not sure about that. You see, I plan on attaching the laminate with adhesive on the step while the two floors will be floating. I'm not sure if I want glue laminate over concrete thats only days old, it just doesn't seem like a good idea.

I'm hoping if anybody can guide and advise me towards the proper way of doing this. I''m still leaning towards making the step out of wood but I'm not sure how to properly go about designing and 'framing' it. The concrete floor doesn't seem to be perfectly straight on the existing step as well and neither is the upper edge of the dining room floor. I was thinking of attaching 3/4 " plywood up against the concrete riser portion of the dining room floor to get a better edge to glue the stair nose on to. I also need to secure wood to concrete as well and again have a choice of adhesive or fasteners I'm thinking both but I do like to over do things.

I am attaching photo's to give you an idea of what I am talking about. I would appreciate and be grateful of any help you can provide me. Thank you very much for your help and time.


Please don't mind my 15 year old dog and my mess:001_tongue: Pics of the wall and wall removed.

Have a great week!

Floorwizard 03-31-2008 09:15 PM

you can do it without building a step but I understand the drop may be too much.

I would recommend posting in a section for framing or something.
Sometimes us floor dudes do not go this deep into install.

Chris' Place 03-31-2008 11:43 PM

Thanks Florcraft, I followed your advise and did just that. I posted it on the "construction" forum. I hope someone could help....



Floorwizard 04-01-2008 10:25 AM

good luck!

Chris' Place 04-02-2008 02:30 AM

If I were to use concrete as some have suggested, how long should I wait to allow the concrete to cure before I bond laminates? I understand your not supposed to glue laminate onto concrete due to possible moisture problems so I'm not sure if this is the right way to go. The floors will be floating on moisture barrier and cork underlayment while the step will be bonded onto the concrete.

Do you think I'm asking for trouble if I bond laminates onto concrete.



Floorwizard 04-05-2008 03:18 PM

dang good question.
I wonder as well.

valcharles 06-06-2008 10:11 PM

How do I get glue off a laminate floor? (safely)

Chris' Place 06-07-2008 06:32 PM

I'm not sure what is the safest way to remove glue from laminate but I had a little bit to remove myself. Since it was only a little bit near edges and such, I either tried to scrape it off with my nail(thin coat of glue) or I carefully used a razor blade to scrape off the thicker bits. The safest way to remove it would be to scrape it with something thats not going to scratch the laminate I guess.

Good luck!

Chris' Place 06-07-2008 06:36 PM

In case Florcraft or anyone's wondering how it came out, here are a couple of lousy pics. I used wood instead of concrete for the step and considering it was my first DIY project, it came out all right IMO. It just took me some time to figure everything out and do it right:)

Thanks for your help evrybody:thumbsup:


MinConst 06-07-2008 09:04 PM

Nice job,

Looks very nice. The baseboard frames it off well.

mark942 06-08-2008 06:42 AM


Bud Cline 06-08-2008 01:33 PM

Looks great but how'd you change that dog into a cat? That's what I want to know!!!:)

Alan 06-10-2008 09:37 PM


Originally Posted by Bud Cline (Post 128762)
Looks great but how'd you change that dog into a cat? That's what I want to know!!!:)


Chris' Place 06-11-2008 07:00 AM

Actually, my beloved dog past away in April:icon_cry: Thats why you don't see him in the pictures, if he was still here, he'd definitely be in them.

HomeDepot23 06-15-2008 09:14 AM

Great job. Beautiful animals.

I am wondering who will be the first person to walk into the living room and not realize there is a step there.:thumbup:

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