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tdonly 07-27-2006 07:10 PM

how-to replace subfloor next to exterior walls
i'm in the middle of replacing an entire subfloor on a second story, and have a few questions:

- what do i do where the existing subfloor meets an exterior wall?

- some of the panels i've already put down only have 3/8" - 1/2" of the edge bearing on a joist. i know it should be 3/4", but i was working late at night, my measurements were off, i need to rip up and replace? seems sturdy now, but i don't want the floor to fall in.

thanks everyone

redline 07-27-2006 09:49 PM

Could you post a picture so that I can get a better understanding of what you are asking?

It sounds like you may want to nail (sister) on a piece of lumber for a nailer to the current joist:thumbsup: .

Bonus 07-28-2006 01:41 AM

What are you going to be putting down as a finish floor? Unless it's tile you've probably covered yourself well enough. ( And maybe even then) A lot of new construction floors are looking good with a whole 1/2" of bearing.

My concern would be where the new subfloor is not supported near the wall. I'd screw some backing under there to support the edge.

What was the existing sub?

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