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klaus135 11-26-2011 07:07 AM

how to remove grout
I need to remove the grout in a 200 sq ft kitchen floor. I bought a foreclosed house. It appears to be unsanded grout with 1/4" grout lines. It is uneven and stained. It looks like the thin set wasnt dried and mixed with the white grout. I bought a multi tool with a grout remover bit, but I have gone through 2 $30 blades and havent gotten very far. At this rate it would be cheaper to remove the tile and start over. Any ideas? Thanks

oh'mike 11-26-2011 07:20 AM

If you have steady hands and nerves of steel----Get a 4 1/2" angle grinder with a diamond blade--

A real cheapo will do---and you will be done in short order-----

There is a machine made for pros --but one job ---get a cheap grinder---Harbor Freight often has them for $16. Blades are cheap,too.

busted 11-26-2011 11:38 PM

Like mike said grab a diamond blade for a angle grinder. I've done it before. Very messy though make sure you cover everything. also have a grout remover bit for my dremel for the tight corners etc.

titanoman 11-27-2011 01:50 AM

You could try gently going at it with a cold chisel to cut down on the dust.

Ed911 11-27-2011 03:52 AM

If you have a recip saw, then you could get the Spyder starter kit from Lowes. Here's the link for the product that I'm talking about...the tool on the right is for removing grout. If you have any questions, I'm sure there is a video on the web someplace demonstrating it's use. I have no experience with this tool...saw it on TV.

If you just want to buy the Spyder Grout Out blades by themselves, you'll have to shop at Amazon, since Lowes doesn't carry them outside of the starter pack.

oh'mike 11-27-2011 05:59 AM

Ed-911-----has a good suggestion there---There is another one of those that the Depot carries--

I've never tried it but I was told by another tile installer that it works well---(I seldom remove grout)

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