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jastin123 07-18-2012 11:51 PM

How to Install Semi Solid Oak Flooring
It is essential to measure the room’s dimensions to determine how much flooring will be required to finish the project.

1 – Purchase semi solid flooring Dublin from a home improvement store and take it inside your home.

2 – Apart 1/2 –inch from room’s wall, make a mark on the floor with the help of pencil.

3 - Set the first piece in place along the wall and secure it with the nail gun. Place the nail into the tongue of the oak flooring. Measure a piece of wood flooring and cut it to the required length with the circular saw.

4 - Fall the cut piece into place. Insert a pull bar over the end of the piece of flooring and pull it towards the first piece. Secure the flooring with the nail gun.

5 - Set the other half of the cut piece in place for the second row. Set a block of wood in front of the piece of flooring and tap on it with the hammer. This will align the pieces of flooring together.

6 - Secure it with the nail gun and then install flooring in the same way as the first row to install the next row.

7 - Repeat the installation steps to finish flooring in the room.

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