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sharisavage 04-08-2006 09:33 PM

How do I saw out very edge of subfloor!
I've been pickin' at this damn thing all day, removed the bathroom floor to lay new tile and can't get out the last few inches (dontcha hate that?) because it goes under the cabinets (and it's under a toekick so I don't have any room). I'm trying to cut it out, pick it out, chisel it out, swear it out.... Bought a dandy reciprocating saw but it's just wayyy too much tool for me. This little bit has taken me longer than the entire tile job will. Any suggestions??

Rehabber 04-09-2006 06:32 AM

Either remove the cabinet, or try a Fein multimaster. the Fein multimaster is a little expensive but very precise and very controllable. make sure you get a kit that has the saw blades with it

sharisavage 04-09-2006 10:40 AM

Thanks- I can see that removing the cabinet would be the best thing, but I'll destroy it if I do, and it's a custom shape so I don't want to replace it. I'll try the Fein.. If I can't get it perfect, can I butt the new plywood as best I can and fill in the gap with woodfiller before I lay down the cementboard? It's under the toekick so it's not going to have any weight on it...I'm usually a stickler for near-perfection but if I can compromise on this I'd like to.

By the way, you won't believe what the idiot in the tile dept at Home Depot told me yesterday...he insisted that I did not need to lay a subfloor over my wood joists, just the cement board. I can't believe that someone so clueless could get that job.

Rehabber 04-09-2006 10:52 AM

You can cut as close as you can and fill with SLC (self leveling cement) then install your backerboard per mfg's instructions.

R&D Tile 04-09-2006 11:33 AM

Don't know if the Fein will get under there either, you'll need a toekick saw and those are expensive and dangerous to use, I would just set my new subfloor up to that area, then fill the gap with modified thinset while tiling, you'll be fine.:)

sharisavage 04-09-2006 01:29 PM

Thanks a million to both of you...I can't stand to have a job sitting around undone and now I'm confident I'll have tile on that floor by the end of the day. Bless you both.

sharisavage 04-09-2006 01:30 PM

Modified thinset? Instead of mortar?

sharisavage 04-09-2006 01:53 PM

then fill the gap with modified thinset while tiling, you'll be fine.:)[/quote]

My question should be, remember I'm using the filler before laying the cementboard, so is mortar or modified thinset better? And should I let it dry for a day instead of laying the cementboard immediately.

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