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nicole9581 03-10-2012 12:47 AM

How do I build a wood deck floor over concrete?
First off let me start by telling you I am a single mother with limited terminology on these topics (so what I guess I am saying please dumb it down a little for me) lol
What I am looking to do is cover my existing concrete patio. The patio has several small cracks in it and just looks terrible. The concrete is surrounded by a 2 foot brick wall. I guess I would say it is a sunk in patio. There is a drain that is in the low corner that goes between the walls and concrete. When we get alot of rain it takes it a couple of hours sometimes to drain and I hate that. What I was thinking of doing with some help from my brother and uncle, but they don't know it yet; is build a frame of wood around the entire perimeter and then I guess across with so much spacing in between. And then build the deck floor with maybe leaving just a small gap in between lumber so water can easily drain under. Also was wondering if I should put in another drain on the low side in the concrete floor and if so how would I do that? Does this all sound like it would work or more of a crazy idea? What type of lumber would I use (while keeping cost down as much as possible). How would I anchor the frame to the concrete? Any help and ideas are greatly appreciated! Thank you so much :)

gregzoll 03-10-2012 12:50 AM

How do you build a deck over a Concrete Patio you ask? With a plan.

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