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robismyname 11-04-2011 12:05 AM

how bad is a unleveled subfloor
Ok I just laid down 900 sq ft of engineered wood on concrete subfloors with roberts 1530. I prep'd my floors by leveling as best i could but there is a small path of wood flooring that i can feel dip when I walk over it. Its one of those things that i know is there and it bugs me although its not visible with the naked eye. The area that is affected spans about a 8x8 foot region but the focal point is where it drops is what im feeling when I walk. This particular focal point is spans across one or two boards that are 5" wide and 4 feet long. Funny thing is my girlfriend didnt feel anything but maybe my senses or sensitive because I've been leveling 900 sq ft of floors for 4 weeks prior to my install. As i was installing i never picked up on the dip for some odd reason.

So my thought was to remove this area of wood flooring and do a better job of leveling again. Maybe not the entire 64 sq ft but enough of it to taper out the height difference if you follow me. Then reapply more wood planks. But im not sure how easy of a job this is. Is it like removing the first few boards is difficult then everything else is easy or is the entire task a pain?

Should I just leave it and live with it and be haunted by this?

Is this a time bomb waiting to go off?

If i leave it will my board have a potential to buckle in the future because im applying more pressure on the tongue and grove joint that is about the dip location?

Is it possible to re-use the wood that i remove and scrap off the glue underneath?

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