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twobyfour2 05-03-2011 10:57 AM

How to anchor base cabinets on a tile floor
Hi Guys, I've read many flooring posts about preferences people have on placing base cabinets over subfloor or over tile. My 'dumb' question is, if I install the hardiboard and tile over the entire kitchen, how do I anchor the island cabinets? Originally, my thought was to put down the hardiboard, then screw 2x4s (laying flat) where the island cabinet would go so I had a way to anchor the cabinet to the floor. Would you still advise the same thing with over the porcelain tile? Drill through the tiles? If it matters, the island will contain a gas cooktop.

jpc 05-03-2011 12:04 PM

hey im no pro, but you can bet on getting some quality advice or info from here, how big is the island first off?, i just did this same thing but i build a pretty fair size island and with its size and weight i did not need to anchor

twobyfour2 05-03-2011 12:45 PM

Hey JPC, good point. I'm afraid our island is not very big... cabinet base is 60" L x 24" Deep. However, the granite countertop will have a 9" overhang for seating, which is a concern to me and why I want to anchor the cabinet.

jpc 05-03-2011 01:54 PM

thats a good size island, if not for the investment in countertop and overhand id think it would be solid, once you factor in the insides and whats occuping it

FixitDragon 05-03-2011 02:05 PM

If you are going to have a gas stove on the island (and associated piping) you DEFINATELY want to anchor it so it does not move. I am not sure where you live, but here in SoCal where the ground moves (and the traffic doesn't), I can't imagine not anchoring. Whatever surface you are mounting the rest of the base cabinets, you want to to do the island so they are all the same height. You could go either way you suggest, either directly through the hardiboard, or drill through the tile.

Our situation is a little different than you, but when we redid our kitchen, we added a peninsula that needed to be anchored. Our home is built on a slab, so no subfloor etc. We placed the base cabinets directly on the concrete. For the peninsula, we used a ramset and nailed 2x4 flat side into the concrete, and screwed the base into the 2x4. We tiled up to the cabinets, made the cuts, and covered the small space with 1/4 round base shoe. It turned out really nice. You probably don't want to use a ramset for porcelain tile :)

twobyfour2 05-03-2011 09:09 PM

Thanks for your input guys. I think I'll anchor the cabinet once the hardiboard is down and just tile around the cabinet. As Dragon pointed out, a cabinet containing a gas pipe probably shouldn't move or get jostled... :eek: that could be disastrous! Much appreciate everyone's help.

CplDevilDog 05-03-2011 10:02 PM

Add an extra piece of hardi or plywood under your island to shim it to the same height as your finished floor. Avoids all kinds of problems down the road.

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